Deciding Between a Graphics Tablet or a Mouse

Image by Yngve Leyn from Pixabay

As a digital artist you need to be able to control your final product which requires the right tool. Just the same as you would use different paint brushes or markers when creating a physical product, it’s important to evaluate the pros and cons of drawing with a mouse versus a graphics tablet.

Advantages drawing with graphics tablets

  • These are much easier and more comfortable compared to a mouse
  • In general graphics tablets are very similar to drawing with a pen which means your hand is more ergonomically relaxed.
  • You can draw faster
  • There are key features like pressure sensitivity and tilt sensitivity
Image by FelixMittermeier from Pixabay

Advantages drawing with a mouse

  • This is best suited for pixel art
  • It is more affordable and investment for those just starting out

Disadvantages of graphics tablets:

  • More expensive an investment
  • Designed for advanced work

Disadvantages of mouse:

  • Requires a single hand position and if you draw for a long time can put strain on your hand.

With a mouse you can do a lot of graphics including drawing and editing with things like Photoshop, photo editing and retouching. With a graphics tablet you get more pressure sensitivity so you can draw like a pen or pencil, applying thicker or thinner strokes as you go. This makes it better suited for painting programs especially when you are doing detailed retouching. You can also control the shape of the strokes by simply tilting the pain, a feature that is better for high-end professionals.

Who should use a graphics tablet?

A graphics tablet is much better suited to anyone who is able to make the investment, more advanced artist to do fine detail work on a regular basis. If you work for a long time, the ergonomic design of the graphics tablet will not only make it more comfortable but the features will make it go faster.

Who should use a mouse?

A mouse is perfectly fine for remedial editing especially if you are using art programs that don’t support things like tilt sensitivity and are relying on simple primary color selections and path tools.

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