GAOMON PD1161 vs XP-PEN Artist12

Are you looking for the perfect drawing tablet with in a budget? With so many different models, it can be overwhelming to choose one. That’s why we’ve put together a comparison of two popular drawing tablets: the GAOMON PD1161 and the XP-PEN Artist12.

Before our detailed comparison table here are some key points: The GAOMON PD1161 offers pen tilt detection, which can give your lines a more natural and organic feel. Additionally, it comes with two extra shortcut buttons to streamline your workflow and save you time.

But how does it really compare to the XP-PEN Artist12? Below we’ll list all the key features of both tablets, including their display quality, pen responsiveness, and software compatibility. By the end of this comparison, we hope you’ll have a better understanding of which tablet is the right fit for your creative needs.


XP-PEN Artist 12

Photo of GAOMON PD1161 Photo of XP-PEN Artist12

GAOMON PD1161 vs XP-PEN Artist12 Features Overview

Here we list their spec summary before diving into our detailed side by side comparison.

  • EMR
  • Battery-free stylus
  • Tilt detection
  • 10.09 X 5.67 inc active area size
  • 8 Express Keys

    Report Rate: 266 PPS
    Pressure Levels: 8192
    Weight:: 1.90 lbs
  • Passive Pen
  • Battery-free stylus
  • 10.1 X 5.6 inc active area size
  • 6 Shortcut Keys

    Report Rate: 266 PPS
    Pressure Levels: 8192
    Weight:: 4.85 lbs

    Active drawing area comparison of GAOMON PD1161 and XP-PEN Artist12

    GAOMON PD1161 vs XP-PEN Artist12 Specs Table

    GAOMON PD1161 XP-PEN Artist12
    Type Display Display
    Active Area Size 10.09 X 5.67 inc 10.1 X 5.6 inc
    Pressure Levels 8192 8192
    Stylus Type EMR Passive Pen
    Stylus Power Battery-free Battery-free
    Tilt Detection
    Weight 1.90 lbs 4.85 lbs
    Dimensions (WxH) 14.23 X 7.87 inc 14.33 X 8.61 inc
    Display Resolution 5080 LPI 5080 LPI
    Report Rate 266 PPS 266 PPS
    Controls 8 Express Keys 6 Shortcut Keys
    Interfaces USB-C,Mini HDMI USB
    OS Compatibility Win 7 or macOS 10.12 or above Windows System 10/8/7(32/64bit), Mac OS X Version 10.10 or Higher
    Pen Stand
    Power Source USB USB
    Accesories Included Pen Display PD1161, Passive Pen AP50, US STD Power Adapter, Pen Holder (Replacement Nibsx8 inside), Glove, 3-in-1 Integrated Cable, Quick Start Guide P06 Passive Pen, Pen Holder, 8 x Replacement Nibs, USb Cable, Cleaning Cloth, Black Drawing Glove, Quick Guide
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    Side by side comparison of GAOMON PD1161 and XP-PEN Artist12 drawing tablets.

    A Video About GAOMON PD1161

    A Video About XP-PEN Artist12

    Last update: January 2023

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