Key Features of a Drawing Tablet

There was a time when the only tools artists needed were a pencil, paintbrushes and a piece of paper. Fortunately, technology has made everything easier and more sophisticated. Artists can draw and paint without pencils or brushes.

The invention of the digital drawing tablet was a breakthrough in the art world. There are many brands of drawing tablets out there that artists can choose from. Getting to know the main features of a drawing tablet will decide on which brand to buy.

The main features of a digital drawing tablet

The digital tablet has a lot of interesting features but here are the basic ones that will greatly influence your decision:


When it comes to the tablet size, there are two things to consider: the size of the whole tablet and how large the active areas are.

A large active area will give you more room to work on without having to zoom all the time. You can also work on bigger drawings with a large active area.

Keep this in mind when you want to purchase a drawing tablet. The kind of drawings you make consistently should determine the size of the tablet you buy. If you do a lot of drawings, a small portable tablet is more appropriate.


The amount of lines per inch and the speed of detection from the stylus is known as the Resolution. A tablet with high resolution will give more detail to your drawings. Usually, bigger tablets have more resolution than smaller tablets.

Stylus Type

There are three types of styluses:

  • Battery-powered styluses
  • Rechargeable styluses
  • Electromagnetic styluses

Battery-powered styluses

These styluses are very thick because they carry a big battery. For people who like to carry lightweight devices, this stylus can make the tablet a little heavy. You can buy extra batteries in case the device dies in the middle of your drawing.

Rechargeable styluses

These styluses are charged electrically. They are very sleek and portable as well. For people who don’t like heavy devices, you can opt for this tablet.

Electromagnetic styluses (EMR)

These styluses are built with electromagnetic technology. The stylus transfers electricity from the tablet to the pen so it doesn’t need to be charged. This is the latest stylus design and is good for people who work on a lot of drawings.

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